Friday, March 11, 2016

GAMS/Gurobi Announcement

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Next week we will start to release the distribution 24.7.

There is one change, which will also affect your clients using GAMS/Gurobi: Gurobi Optimization, Inc. has decided to end the current arrangement that allows us to offer GAMS/Gurobi integrated licenses. Thus we will no longer be able to sell new or upgrade (e.g. enlarge a single user license to a 5 user license) existing GAMS/Gurobi licenses after March 19, 2016. Existing license are (sic) perpetual and will continue to work with your current GAMS distribution.

However, to maintain access to upcoming versions of GAMS/Gurobi, Gurobi Optimization, Inc. requires that commercial GAMS/Gurobi licenses are kept under maintenance. If the maintenance for a commercial GAMS/Gurobi license has expired, it must be renewed before the end of April 2016.
If an academic GAMS/Gurobi user wants to renew maintenance, we will be downgrade (sic) the license for GAMS/Gurobi to a GAMS/Gurobi-link license and he will have to get a Gurobi license directly from Gurobi, Gurobi Optimization Inc.

For details and further information please consult the release notes for 24.7 at:

This will make it more cumbersome to evaluate GAMS/Gurobi against other MIP solvers and to procure and use GAMS/Gurobi. Looks to me like a lose-lose-lose proposition for both GAMS, Gurobi and the customer. I guess at least someone must look at this differently than I do.

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