Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Xpress forum moved

New location is http://discuss.fico.com/blaze/board?board.id=xpressdiscuss.


  1. Hi erwin,

    Could you please tell me a little bit of your personal preference of general QP solver ?
    Also, do you have any optimization experience using Matlab?
    Are the build-in algorithm in matlab optimization toolbox enough?

  2. There are a number of good QP solvers (Cplex, Xpress, Mosek). I have used them all. Matlab's own solvers tend to be a little bit less powerful, but if they are good enough for your problem, I cannot tell.

  3. thanks erwin for your quick response, one more suggestion: why not setting up a space or forum to gather all very useful QA there so that a lot of others can gain from there?

  4. I am a little bit hesitant about that. The comment thing comes automatically with the Google blog facility. I think for the time being I'll stick to that.