Thursday, June 11, 2009

AMPL error message

This is not a very informative error message:

sw: ampl
ampl: var b, binary;
var h;

maximize obj: b;

e: b=0 <==> h>=0;

option solver cplex;
Error executing "solve" command:

    unexpected type 0x920c in lsimplify()

I believe error messages are the “user interface” when it really matters: when the user is confused. The value of good error messages is often underestimated. Of course we can assume the developer never thought this message would be issued.

I tried the implication based on information in I assume this has to be written as

e: b=0 ==> h>=0 else h<=-0.0001;


e: b=0 ==> h>=0 else h<=0;

if the ambiguity about h=0 is no problem.

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