Friday, May 16, 2008

Cplex message

Have not seen this error before. This does not bode well for this model.

Trouble polishing MIP start.


  1. This is a response to a rather old posting by now, but I can tell you that CPLEX 11.1 contains an enhancement to Solution Polishing that makes the condition vanishingly rare. In most cases the error message used to come when a solution provided to CPLEX did not fit the presolved model; for example, perhaps presolve can prove that in any optimal solution, x=0, and yet x=1 is a perfectly feasible (but suboptimal) choice. CPLEX 11.1 now handles this case.

    John Gregory
    CPLEX Product Manager
    ILOG, an IBM Company

  2. Indeed: I can confirm I have not seen this message recently.