Monday, November 1, 2021

Transportation Model (sharing a PowerPoint presentation)

trnsport.gms is the first model in the GAMS model library. Here I am using it to give an introduction in GAMS. The PowerPoint presentation has three major sections:

  • the historical importance of the transportation model in economics (Nobel prizes have been earned),
  • a quick introduction to the GAMS language and the GAMS listing file,
  • a nerdy section (optional) about recognizing a basis and an optimal solution in the listing file.

The sharing was done by:
  1. Save the PowerPoint file to the OneDrive folder
  2. Go to
  3. Right-click on pptx file and choose embed
  4. Copy the HTML code to the blog  
OneDrive is Microsoft's version of Google Drive. Things seem to work, except the math on some pages is garbled or disappeared when exporting to PDF. This is a bit strange as when using SaveAs (or Save A Copy) to PDF from PowerPoint directly seems to work just fine. The viewer above will always show the latest version of this PowerPoint presentation.


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