Thursday, January 18, 2018

CBC and semi-continuous variables

The Coin CBC MIP solver [5] does not seem to have a way to specify semi-continuous variables in either an LP file or an MPS file [1] (slightly edited):


I am using version 2.9.9 of cbc in ubuntu 17.10 docker image.  My test.lp file has following content:

 obj: x1 + 2 x2 + 3 x3 + x4
Subject To
 c1: - x1 + x2 + x3 + 10 x4 <= 20
 c2: x1 - 3 x2 + x3 <= 30
 c3: x2 - 3.5 x4 = 0
  0 <= x1 <= 40
  2 <= x4 <= 3
 x1 x2 x3

When trying with semis section I get an error "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'CoinError?' Aborted"

On a Mac I get: libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type CoinError? Abort trap: 6 

However if I comment out Semis it works fine. I was hoping that Semis are supported. Am I doing something wrong?

My command is : cbc -presolve on -import test.lp solve solu out.txt

On further analysis I found out when in cbc prompt I type "import test.lp" it fails and shows same error is I tried in MPS format as well there i got

Bad image at line 19 < SC BND1 YTWO 3 >

Contents of mps file are :

 L  LIM1
 G  LIM2
    XONE      COST                 1   LIM1                 1
    XONE      LIM2                 1
    YTWO      COST                 4   LIM1                 1
    YTWO      MYEQN               -1
    ZTHREE    COST                 9   LIM2                 1
    ZTHREE    MYEQN                1
    RHS1      LIM1                 5   LIM2                10
    RHS1      MYEQN                7
 UP BND1      XONE                 4
 SC BND1      YTWO                 3

Some notes:

  • The LP file parser crashes hard. Preferably, a parser should never crash on erroneous input and always produce a (good) error message,
  • The MPS file reader does not crash, but the error message "bad image" seems a bit strange to me (what has this to do with an image? In prehistoric times an "image" was sometimes used as the equivalent of "file". "Bad file" is still somewhat of a bad message.).
  • CBC actually supports semi-continuous variables.
  • Semi-continuous behavior can be modeled with binary variables [3]: \[\begin{align} &\delta \cdot \ell \le x \le \delta \cdot u\\&\delta \in \{0,1\}\\&x \in [0,u]\\&\ell > 0\end{align}\]
  • If you have good upper bounds, this may actually solve faster (MIP solvers do like binary variables).
  • Semi-continuous variables with a zero lower bound do not make much sense.
  • The LP and MPS file in this post do not represent the same problem.
  • Why did nobody complain about this before?
The answer by John Forrest [2] is funny:

Semi continuous variables are in Cbc (as a simple version of lotsizing variables).

However there is no way of inputting them using mps or lp files.

Having invented semi-continuous variables (probably before you were born!), I feel some responsibility to make them easier to use in Cbc. I will get them working with mps files in trunk.

 John Forrest


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