Sunday, December 18, 2016

MonetDB and R


MonetDB (1) is a so-called column-oriented database or column-store (2). It is server based, SQL compliant and open-source. The column orientation can lead to better performance for certain types of tasks, especially OLAP and ETL (i.e. analytical work). Traditional row-wise databases are said to be more appropriate for OLTP workloads.  


There exists a CRAN package to let R talk to a MonetDB server (MonetDB.R). There is also a different package called MonetDBLite. This contains an in-process version of MonetDB.  This means MonetDBLite is more or less an alternative for RSQLite (4). A picture comparing the performance of MonetDBLite is from (4):

Basically the more towards the left-lower corner the better.

In (3) there are some timings comparing MonetDBLite to SQLite. E.g. converting a (large) table to a data frame:

There is lots of data traffic from the database to R and the server based MonetDB.R does not finish the larger tables (traffic has to go through a TCP/IP socket). But the embedded database is very fast compared to SQLite.

This looks like an interesting database for R related work.

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