Monday, June 13, 2016

New version of CMPL

From this post :

CMPL( Mathematical Programming Language) is a mathematical programming language and a system for mathematical programming and optimisation of linear optimisation problems.

The CMPL syntax is similar in formulation to the original mathematical model but also includes syntactic elements from modern programming languages. CMPL is intended to combine the clarity of mathematical models with the flexibility of programming languages.

New main features and change log :

Coliop4 is the new GUI for CMPL available on Window, Linux and Mac.
It is more comfortable and flexible and comes with syntax highlighting.

An installation is not longer necessary. The entire CMPL package runs now out of the box in every directory.

pyCmpl and CmplServer
A couple of bottlenecks were identified and cleaned. Therefore the performance is considerably increased.

Some minor bugs were found and fixed.

Cmpl has been part of SolverStudio since last year. The performance of the Cmpl plug-in in SolverStudio is considerably increased.

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