Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Web based visualization of multi-criteria model results

Some funding became available to add a Web based visualization tools to a larger engineering design application. Below is a depiction of the architecture. The solution points are (all or many) Pareto optimal solutions. Existing tools to visualize solutions were coded in Matlab. The new HTML and Javascript based output will allow easier dissemination of results (in addition to Excel based reports).


Interactive three-dimensional plots are generated using the Plotly tools.


Two-dimensional plots are based on Bokeh.


To view results with a surrogate data set click on the above figures. The HTML documents contain all data and large Javascript libraries so they take a little while to load. I am quite impressed with both Plotly and Bokeh, they offer quite some functionality. It is convenient to be able to give end-users advanced visualization capabilities without having them to install anything.

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