Friday, December 18, 2015

Visualization of large multi-criteria result sets with Bokeh

In we showed some 3D (interactive) plots using Here we look at a pair of 2D projections in Bokeh:

These are 2D plots of a large set of non-dominated (Pareto optimal) solutions with three objectives (Minimize Cost, Minimize Weight and Maximize Performance). As usual these projection plots are a little bit misleading. We can demonstrate this using an advanced feature of Bokeh: linked plots. When we select some points in the left plot, automatically the corresponding points are shown in the right plot:

This is also a Javascript based library, so these interactive plots live in a browser. With WebGL enabled, they render very quickly and the User Interface is quite smooth. See for some problems with Internet Explorer.

With some effort we can color the points in these 2D plots according to the third dimension:

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