Sunday, December 5, 2010

SQL Injection


Wed Nov 24 12:59 UTC -- On the evening before Thanksgiving, an IP located in Tbilisi, Georgia started an attack targeting the website. The perpetrators used SQL injection attacks to download the entire database of usernames and hashed passwords, and we should assume anything else in the Savannah MySQL database.

One way to prevent this is to solely use prepared SQL statements when accessing the DB. This is the strategy I have used in (Other approaches often mentioned are using an appropriate quoting mechanism, e.g. through mysql_real_escape_string and/or disabling multi statements) I browsed through a few recent books on PHP for this project, and I was amazed how much text is devoted to security; it looked like a third of the material seems to be about security. It truly sends shivers down your spine. Programming web applications becomes more and more a question of being paranoid all the time; this is not really a good development as it takes the fun out of things and also reduces productivity (extra work for code that does not implement any new and possibly exciting features for regular, non-hostile users). From a different perspective one could also say that the development tools are still too primitive such that developers are not isolated from these security issues and can concentrate on the real task at hand.

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