Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gurobi v2

Gurobi v2 is out. The MIP performance has much improved and the web site is worth checking out. There are a few interesting nuggets to be found there:

  • pay-per-view type of licensing through the Amazon cloud.
  • Google group:
  • Free academic licenses are available
  • Gurobi is a reseller of AMPL and Microsoft Solver Foundation


  1. Hi Erwin,

    I was trying to find out two things but I am still confused with them.

    Gurobi is not providing users with free academic full feature license. One can benefit from the C++ interfaces as well as others.
    On the otehr hand I am still confused with the difference between the MSF standard and express edition. I hav'nt seen anywhere what is the difference. do they have put restriction on the express version or ...? Another issue, what about the Gurobi that they have put as default solver, is it a full feature one? which comes with MSF or again this a trial one?

    Many thanks

  2. For free full feature Gurobi academic licenses see:

    For an MSF license overview go to, choose downloads, and select License Overview.

    The Gurobi solver you got with your MSF download is restricted in size unless you obtained a license key.

    If you have further questions on this I would recommend to contact Gurobi or Microsoft directly, or use their discussion groups. You probably get better and more authoritative answers than from me.


  3. > Gurobi is not providing users with free academic full feature license.

    Yes, we are. The academic license has all the features of our commercial licenses, and has no problem size limits.