Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MS Solver Foundation: Excel/OML issue

I was sometimes loosing the model information when exiting Excel. Turns out that when you save the spreadsheet after closing it (Excel will prompt you if you want to save your changes) the OML model gets lost. (Somewhat a warped way of saving the workbook, but that is how my brain is wired.) If you manually save the model before closing Excel, the model will be saved without a problem. Microsoft could reproduce it and it is quickly fixed in the next version. (See issue report).

I had hoped to solve the assignment problem suggested by Knuth. It is supposed to find "interesting" spots on the Mona Lisa. Unfortunately, the standard edition of MS Solver Foundation is "throttled" too tightly to be able to solve this large but easy model. I am sure this is not a good business case to purchase the Enterprise version! (See limits).

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