Wednesday, July 16, 2008

GAMS/IDE wish: search with regexp in .log/.lst

I would like to be able to search .lst and .log files using regular expressions. Currently the file viewer (the software that shows .lst and .log files in read-only mode in an IDE window) only allow normal search.

This is a somewhat unusual case. There are many solves in this model (thousands) and locate the correct solve I want to search for the second loop of "region1". In normal search region10,region11,.. and region100,region101,... also match. A quick way to search would be to search for "region1$" where $ means end-of-line. This requires regular expression (regexp for nerds) search. This is not (yet) available in the file viewers only in the editor. So the work-around suggested is to open the file in the editor (FileOpen in editor).

Suggestion: either implement regexp search for the file viewers or disable this choice for the file viewers (currently it is always enabled).

This is somewhat exotic: for "normal" models the log file is small.

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