Thursday, February 11, 2016

Microsoft R: links

Microsoft has acquired Revolution. Here are some early results of that.

Microsoft R Open

This is the standard R version with the addition of the Intel MKL library for high performance linear algebra (including multi-threading).

Also included is a neat way to make sure your users use the same versions of packages as you did. This will make reproducibility easier. Basically the idea is to add a checkpoint command with the snapshot date in your script that verifies that the same snapshot is used by your users. They call this the CRAN Time Machine.

The microsoft site is called (MRAN = Microsoft R Application Network). The icon seems to be a monkey with glasses:

Microsoft R Server

This seems to be Linux only! I expected  a Windows port.

It has some out-of-core and parallel algorithms for very large data sets, and some connectivity to big-data databases. Looks like you can get this with your MSDN subscription

Microsoft SQL Server R Services

Here I recognize Microsoft again: R inside SQL Server.  Here in one sentence:

  • Built-in advanced analytics– provide the scalability and performance benefits of building and running your advanced analytics algorithms directly in the core SQL Server transactional database

Microsoft Azure

This cloud-based thing Cloud Service Platform has also some R angle. See this tutorial.

R in Visual Studio

Other links