Thursday, October 27, 2016

Gurobi 7

Gurobi Optimizer 7.0 Now Available

This release offers significantly higher performance and powerful new modeling capabilities, among other enhancements. Specifically, v7.0 includes:
  • Significant performance improvements on real-world models
    • MIP: 19% faster overall and 30% faster on models that take >100s to solve
    • LP (concurrent): 10% faster overall and 25% faster on models that take >100s to solve
    • Significant QCP, MIQCP, and MIQP performance improvements
  • Python modeling enhancements — More easily translate mathematical models into code
  • Support for multiple objectives — Specify multiple objectives and their relative priorities
  • MIP solution pool support — Obtain more than just one optimal solution to a MIP model
  • New general constraints — Directly use MIN/MAX, ABS, AND/OR, and Indicator constraints
  • Expanded Python support for the Mac — Gurobi now supports Python 3.5 on the Mac
Additional enhancements include an even more flexible tuning tool, useful new parameters, and enhanced .NET property support. You can learn more on our What's new in Gurobi 7.0 page.

Significantly Enhanced Gurobi Instant Cloud

The Gurobi Instant Cloud has undergone a significant set of upgrades. These include enhanced API support for easier launching of cloud instances directly from Gurobi APIs, a more intuitive online interface to help users get up and running more quickly, and new machine pool support which simplifies the launching and management of cloud machines.
You can learn more about these enhancements, and our new cloud subscription plans, on our Cloud Overview page.