Friday, May 4, 2012

Gurobi version 5.0 is out

New Features and Enhancements

Some of the new additions and enhancements include:

  • New QCP and MIQCP solvers - Allow you to solve quadratically constrained models at more than twice the speed of the leading competitor
  • New MATLAB and R interfaces - Concise and tightly integrated for ease of use
  • Support for Lazy Constraints - Uses a superior implementation that doesn't require you to turn off other key features
  • Enhancements for handling infeasible and unbounded problems - Includes a barrier homogenous algorithm designed to solve infeasible and unbounded problems and a new FeasRelax procedure for finding solutions that minimize constraint violations
  • Enhancements to overall performance - Includes faster presolve times, the ability to warm start the simplex algorithms from solution vectors, enhanced crossover numerical stability, and many more enhancements for speed and robustness

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