Monday, September 19, 2011

GPU computing on Amazon cloud

May be this can help bringing parallel computation on GPUs to business applications:

Dear Amazon Web Services Customer,

We are excited to announce that starting today you can run Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Windows SQL Server Standard 2008 R2 on Cluster Compute and Cluster GPU instances for Amazon EC2. Cluster Compute Instances provide customers with high CPU capability within a high bandwidth, low latency network for IO intensive computing. Cluster GPU instances allow customers to additionally take advantage of NVidia Tesla GPUs for general purpose GPU (GPGPU) computing using the CUDA or OpenCL programming models. A number of customers with database workloads and applications in areas such as media processing, rendering, and computational finance, have expressed interest in running Microsoft Windows Server on the most powerful Amazon EC2 instances. Starting today, customers can run applications on Microsoft Windows Server across all Amazon EC2 instance types.
Cluster Compute and Cluster GPU instances are currently available in the US-East (N. Virginia) region. For more information, please visit and

The Amazon EC2 Team